Go Local Project Closeout

From June 2017 until its end in July this year, the project “Improving Municipal Governance”, also known as “Go Local”, was supporting the municipalities in strengthening all aspects of local governance and promotion trough the process of decentralization. Through the project grant scheme, 40 projects were implemented to improve the quality of the life on local level – from renovation of schools and installation of pedestrian paths, to procurement of equipment for waste collection and equipping the first regional care station for pariah dogs. Due to the restricton for organizing gatherings, which was introduced to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, this closeout event is held in the form of a video premiere with pre-recorded materials but with an open opportunity for your comments and questions.


13:00 Welcome addresses:

Nicola Bertolini, Head of cooperation of the European Delegation in Skopje

Goran Milevski, Minister of Local Self-Government

Narine Sahakyan, UNDP Resident Representative

13:13 Introduction of the project activities and the experiences of the mayors from: Sveti Nikole, Zelenikovo, Staro Nagoricane and Bogovinje

13:27 Video Material: Achievements in improving municipal waste management

13:33 Statements of the mayors on the topic of effective municipal administration

13:35 Video Material: Achievements in the training of the municipal administration and the development of innovative digital solutions for the promotion of the local development

13:41 Questions from the mayors and answers from the EU, the Ministry of Local Self-Government and UNDP

13:52 Closure of the event

The project “Improving Municipal Governance” was financed by the European Union and implemented by the UNDP in partnership with the Ministry of Local Self-Government, Ministry of Finance, ZELS (Association of the units of local self-government of the Republic of North Macedonia) and the municipalities in the country.