EU for YOU Campaign on Transport

Over the past few years, the European Union invested nearly 325 million euro in country’s transport infrastructure. Over 100 km of highway network, 64 km of roads in more than 40 municipalities and 60 settlements, 16 km of railway and 11 railway stations have been built and restored.

Central Financing and Contracting Department within the Ministry of Finance as Contracting Authority in the Decentralized Implementation System (DIS) of IPA funded projects, in close cooperation with the Ministry of Transport and Communications as Beneficiary of the projects, as well as with the Public Enterprise for State Roads and the Public Enterprise Macedonian Railways – Infrastructure in the role of Final Beneficiaries, as well as with EU Delegation in the Republic of Macedonia has implemented a long list of projects in the transport area under the EU Financial Perspective 2007-2013.

Some of those projects are the following:

– In Road Infrastructure:

  • Rehabilitation of State Road A1, section Miladinovci – Kumanovo (left carriageway), as part of Corridor X;
  • Rehabilitation of State Road A1, section Kumanovo – Miladinovci (right carriageway), as part of Corridor X;
  • Reconstruction and placement of traffic signs and road markings on certain interchanges along Corridor X and along the sections from Interchange Hipodrom – Interchange Miladinovci and from Interchange Hipodrom – Interchange Petrovec;
  • Rehabilitation of the motorway section Veles – Katlanovo, as part of Corridor X;
  • Construction of new motorway section Demir Kapija- Smokvica as part of the Pan-European Corridor X;
  • Reconstruction and upgrading of the motorway section Smokvica–Gevgelija, as part of Corridor X.

 – In Rail Infrastructure:

  • Construction works for renewal with reconstruction of the railway section Bitola – Kremenica, as part of Xd of Corridor X;
  • Rehabilitation and Upgrading of ten Railway Stations along Pan-European Corridor X including branch Xd, according to EU best practices;
  • Construction works for rehabilitation and upgrading Skopje Railway Station in line with requirements addressed in the assessment.