Enhancing Employability of Women in Minority Communities through profiling/assessment, training programmes and job counseling

A project financed under Operational Programme for Human Resources Development, Component 4 from the IPA Instrument of European Union. The project is implemented by a consortium consisting of experienced project partners who work with women of the different minority groups in Macedonia.

The projects main objective is improving of the employability of women from ethnic minorities in Macedonia (Turks, Roma, Serbs, Bosnians and Albanian women, due to the position of women in the labour market of Macedonia), their inclusion in the labour market and support women entrepreneurship in Skopje, Radovis (including the villages Alikoc, Konce) and Tetovo (including the villages of Sipkovica and Odri).

The main activity of the project focuses on providing a profiling and assessment programme, to prove the individual skills and educational levels of the participating women, which will give them the possibility to develop a personal plan according to their individual competences and interests. On the basis of this plan an appropriate professional orientation and career can be provided for each woman. Vocational training courses for relevant professions demanded in labour market with educational support will be realized and will include different topics such as foreign languages, computer and literacy courses, sewing/tailoring, embroidery, hair dressing, business and entrepreneurship. These courses will provide women with professional expertise in specific areas which in turn will help them to find a job thus increasing their family’s income and improving their social situation and their active participation in Macedonian civil society.

Total duration of the project action is 15 months. The project will be implemented by a consortium led by the German “Internationaler Bund e. V.” and consisting of experienced project partners who work with women of the different minority groups in Macedonia: DERYA with Turkish, Women’s Forum with Albanian and IPKOM Topaana with Roma women.

The beneficiary of the project is the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy.

The amount of the project is 287.889,90 euro.