Third Official Sectoral Monitoring Committee for the Operational Programme for Regional Development

The Sectoral Monitoring Committee (SMC) for the Operational Programme for Regional Development Component held its Third official meeting on 2 December 2010, in Skopje.

The Committee was co-chaired by the Head of the Operating Structure for Regional Development, Ms. Radica Koceva and the representative from the European Commission – DG REGIO, Mr. Nicola Aimi. Representatives from all relevant institutions participated at the meeting.

The representatives of the Operating Structure presented the progress made under the operations identified within the Operational Programme for Regional Development. In particular, it was discussed on the state of play of each contract and preparation of the tender documents, as well as the necessary steps that have to be undertaken in order to implement the activities within the defined time schedule. Regarding the two major projects “Construction of new motorway section Demir Kapija – Smokvica as part of the Pan-European Corridor X” and the “Improvements in waste water collection and waste water treatment in Prilep”, the IPA Applications have been revised and sent to the European Commission for approval.

The EC representatives informed that the Revised Operational Programme for Regional Development has been adopted by the European Commission on 4 November 2010. With the revision of the OPRD the Republic of Macedonia received additional financing for the programming period 2010 – 2011 in the amount of EUR 68,7 million. The Operating Structure will intensify the work related to preparation of the new operations that will be financed under revised OPRD. Among other issues, the EC representatives explained the further steps that the Operating Structure should undertake in waiving ex-ante controls and establishment of a fully decentralised system.