Glossary Terms

IPA Implementing Regulation – IPA IR

Commission Regulation (EC) No 718/2007 of 12 June 2007 implementing Council Regulation (EC) No 1085/2006 establishing an instrument for pre-accession assistance (IPA)

Central Financing and Contracting Department – CFCD

A body within the Ministry of Finance solely responsible for carrying out tendering, contracting, recording the transactions in the accounting system and executing paments upon concluded contracts for projects financed within the first four IPA components, in line with the [… Read More]

Sectoral Monitoring Committee – SMC

The main body responsible for monitoring the implementation of the OPHRD and consists of representatives of the EC, NAO, NIPAC, SC, HOS, OS, line ministries, IFls, socio-economic partners and the civil society organisations, co-chaired by HOS and the EC.


An exhaustive and regular examination of the resources outputs and results. Monitoring is based on a system of coherent information including reports, reviews, balance sheets, indicators, etc. When monitoring includes a judgment, this judgment refers to the achievement of operational [… Read More]

Programme Authorising Officer – PAO

A government official, managing the operating structures for implementation of IPA Component I and IPA Component II, and shall be accountable for timely and efficient fulfillment of the obligations referred to in point 8, Annex A of the Framework Agreement.

Irregularity Officer – IO

A person reponsible to report, on a quarterly basis, to the Commission the irregularities detected in IPA funded projects.

Strategic Co-ordinator (for the Regional Development Component and the Human Resource Development Component) – SC

A high-ranking government official, ensuring co-ordination of the assistance granted under the Regional Development Component and the Human Resorce Development Component, draft strategic coherence framework as defined in Article 154 of the IPA Implementing Regulation and ensure co-ordination between sectoral [… Read More]

Objectives 1, 2 and 3 in terms of Structural Funds

Objective 1 promotes the catching-up of the economies of regions whose development is lagging behind. It is “regionalised” in that it applies to statistically demarcated regions. Only those which per capita GDP is less than 75% of the Community average [… Read More]

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study – EIA

Study of all the repercussions of an individual project on the natural environment. EIA is a compulsory step in certain countries in the selection of major infrastructure projects. By contrast, strategic environmental assessment (SEA) refers to the evaluation of programmes [… Read More]

Quality Assurance Function

To improve the efficiency and quality of the implementation projects to be financed under IPA, a special function related to quality control of all documents related to tendering and contracting has been established with the General Affairs and Control Unit [… Read More]