What does the SEE (South-East Europe) Transnational Programme stand for?

The SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme supports transnational partnerships within the SEE region in order to facilitate concrete and visible territorial cooperation projects across the following priority axes:

  1. Development of the innovation capacity
  2. Improvement of the accessibility
  3. Promotion of sustainable development of metropolitan areas and regional systems of settlements
  4. Protection and improvement of the environment.

Under this Programme, public authorities and other public bodies from the eligible SEE region can jointly submit project proposals to be financed under ERDF and IPA. The bodies for managing and implementing this programme are based in Budapest, Hungary and in the partner countries. Partners from the following countries/regions are eligible to apply: Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania, Croatia, Macedonia, Greece, Hungary, Italy (indicated regions), Serbia, Montenegro, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey (indicated regions), Moldova, Ukraine (indicated regions). For more information please see: http://www.southeast-europe.net/en/.