Glossary Terms

IPA Bodies

Respective Structures for IPA implementation, established within the Line Ministries and other IPA beneficiary institutions, as part of the Operating Structure for implementation of one or more of the first four IPA components.

Management Information System – MIS

A software application for management of contracts under IPA which will facilitate the timely and smooth implementation of the annual National Programmes. The MIS shall provide aggregation of information up to Component/ Programme level needed for the Sectoral Monitoring Committee [… Read More]

National Authorising Officer – NAO

A high-ranking official in the state administration of the Republic of Macedonia. The NAO is appointed by the Government.  The NAO fulfills the following functions and assumes the following responsibilities: As the head of the National Fund, bearing overall responsibility [… Read More]

Operating Structure

The Operating Structure is a body or a collection of bodies within the state administration of Republic of Macedonia, which shall be responsible for managing and implementing an IPA programmes from the first four IPA Components in accordance with the [… Read More]

Practical Guide to contract procedures financed from the General Budget of the European Communities in the context of external actions – PRAG

A working tool which explains the contracting procedure applying to all EC external aid contracts financed from the European Commission general budget.

Regional Development – RD

The third IPA component. The objective of RD component is to prepare the Republic of Macedonia to use the structural and cohezion funds after accesion of the Republic of Macedonia to the EU, and thus emphasizes development of the transport [… Read More]

Sound Financial Management

A budgetary principle according to which budget appropriations must be used according to economy, efficiency and effectiveness.

Structural Funds

The Structural Funds are the financial instruments of European Union (EU) regional policy, which is intended to narrow the development disparities among regions and Member States, and to promote equal opportunities for all. The Funds participate fully, therefore, in pursuing [… Read More]

Senior Programme Officer – SPO

A person appointed by within the Line Ministry of the Beneficiary Institution under Component I, responsible for the technical aspects of the projects to be implemented within the Line Ministry or the Beneficiary Institution, helping the PAO in adequate and [… Read More]


According to PRAG, a grant is a direct financial contribution, by way of donation, from the EU budget or the EDF, in order to finance: either an action intended to help achieve an objective forming part of a European Union [… Read More]