Glossary Terms

Multi-annual Indicative Planning Document – MIPD

A strategic programming document for IPA, per component. At the strategic planning level Multi-annual Indicative Planning Documents (MIPD) will be established by the European Commission in close co-operation with the authorities of the Republic of Macedonia covering all five IPA [… Read More]

(Македонски) Прекугранична соработка (ЦБЦ)

Втората ИПА компонента опфаќа прекугранична соработка која подразбира активности меѓу (потенцијални) земјите-кандидатки и земјите-членки, како и прекугранични активности помеѓу земјите-кандидатки и потенцијални кандидатки за членство. Главната цел на оваа ИПА компонента е да се промовира одржливиот економски и социјален развој [… Read More]

Priority Axis

Priority Axis is part of the Operational Programme defining the global objective to be obtained, that shall be implemented though measures, or directly through operations.

Programme Implementation Manual – PIM

A document which outlines in narrative form the activities and tasks to be performed in order to meet all EC requirements with respect to the management and implementation of IPA under the Decentralised Implementation System (DIS);


Part of the programme management cycle which results in annual or multi-annual development programmes, a decision taken through partnership of multiple institutions. Concretely, it results in the National/ Cross-border/ Operational programme in the context of IPA in the Republic of [… Read More]

Head of National Fund

Head of National Fund is a government official responsible for the proper performance of the functions of the National Fund, being directly responsible to the NAO.

Head of Operating Structure – HOS

A government official, managing the operating structures for implementation of IPA Component III and IPA Component IV, and shall be accountable for timely and efficient fulfillment of the obligations referred to in Point 6, Annex A of the Framework Agreement.

Framework Agreement -FwA

An Agreement concluded between the Government of the Republic of Macedonia and the Commission of the European Communities on the Rules for Cooperation concerning the EC Financial Assistance to the Republic of Macedonia in the Framework of the Implementation of [… Read More]


Verification of the legality and regularity of the implementation of resources. Auditing makes a judgment in terms of general criteria and standards. The main purpose of an audit is to find mistakes and evidence of dysfunction. The idea is to [… Read More]

Audit Authority – AA

A functionally independent body from the management and control that audits the organisational set-up and the functionality of the structures and the control systems for management of pre-accession funds of EU in the Republic of Macedonia, established under the Law [… Read More]